SEO services are the core strength of Winx Designers team. We are a leading website designing and development office located in Jalandhar. We are also a recognised SEO consultant trusted by a large number of clients. Our SEO related services are enjoyed by diverse industries. Winx Designers offer excellent and affordable SEO, SMO, SEO copywriting, internet marketing on customized basis. The techniques used by us are the most advanced and proved to bring best results.

Search Engine Optimization is most important step in your Web visitation. Your Website is worthless if no visitors are there. 70% to 80% visitors comes through Search engine like,,, and etc.

Promotion of your website is one of most effective method for marketing of your products and services on the internet. SEO is a very deep concept, even a single mistake will your website down in ranking. We never perform black hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation – Services & Benefits

The strength of a website is the SEO services. We ensure that your site stands high in search result listings to gain major organic traffic and online views. Search engine optimisation service is a collective process that should bring following results for your website or business:

• Higher rankings on search engines
• Larger visibility
• Growth in business through online promotion
• Larger popularity over your competitors

Our pool of talented search engine optimization experts enables us to stand as a reliable place for cost effective SEO solutions.

Why Winx Designers – An SEO Specialist Company

Our SEO consultancy in Jalandhar is a team of skilled SEO professionals. We own valuable experience in different SEO services. A huge number of happy clients in India and overseas are benefited from our services. We also show excellence in the communication of campaign updates. As a skilled SEO expert, we offer customised solutions precisely as per client’s needs.

Comprehensive SEO Services and Consultancy

A website ranking depends upon its designing, contents, links, and keywords. We take the utmost care for all these aspects to build-up collective efforts for on-page and off page SEO activities. Processes during SEO services include keyword analysis, website analysis, targeted keywords, webmaster account setup and google analytics set up. After the initial stages of analysis and research of your website and comprehensive keywords, we take up step by step SEO for your site. We will also submit our reports accordingly:

SEO Analysis – Planning - Research


> Analysis
> Title Tag Optimization
> Meta Tags
> Keyword Research
> Robots.txt Optimization
> Internal Linking
> URL Structure
> Sitemap Creation
> Image and Hyperlink
> Image Alt Tag
> Header Tag
> And More....


> Directory Submissions
> Social Bookmarking
> Article Submissions
> Search Engine Submission
> Forums Posting
> Press Release
> RSS Feeds
> Classifieds
> Blog Posting
> Video Optimization
> Image Optimization
> And More...

Only a strong SEO can make a strong and enduring website. The optimization methods used by us are complying with all the search engine optimisation guidelines. Winx Designer is an industry expert in the field of website development and optimisation. You will get various packages based on your customized requirements. Optimization is a way to ensure the ROI of your business and enhance scores of your site in various search engines.

Our comprehensive analysis and submission reports will present you an overview of our SEO efforts for your website. Winx Designer is a reputed SEO consultancy offering only ethical optimization services. Feel free to call us for your need of any services related to SEO or a complete optimisation package.


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